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Light Up Crochet Hooks - 8 Piece Set

Light Up Crochet Hooks - 8 Piece Set

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More Crocheting! Anytime! Anywhere! Works great with dark yarn!

Limited Time Only! *Not In Stores* Internet Special

Crochet light up hooks can help you work on dark yarns and in dimly lit spaces. This crochet hook emits appropriate light from the tip and base. It is a lightweight hook. Battery operated with an on/off switch located at the bottom. 

  • 8 pieces crochet light up hooks.
  • Material: Durable plastic.
  • Battery operated with a simple on/off switch (Batteries included).
  • 8 hook sizes: C = 2.5mm, D = 3.0mm, E = 3.5mm, F = 4.0mm, G = 4.5mm, H = 5.0mm, I = 5.5mm, J = 6.0mm