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We tested every single other pick maker on the market, and this is absolutely, hands down the BEST PICK MAKER ON THE PLANET.

The front loading design means picks fly out faster then other models. Less pressure is needed to punch through thick plastics.

Unlike other cheaper models, this one will not bend or break and will produce smooth plastic picks.

Our guitar pick maker is a useful and unique gift for any guitar player. Guaranteed to be the hit of any gift giving situation, birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day, graduation or anytime you would like to tell your guitar playing friend or family member how much you care!
The pick cutter cuts clean smooth edges - ready to use picks
Top Gift Idea For Any Musician
Heavy duty, sturdy construction and a stainless steel blade allows the user to create uniform and smooth guitar picks every time.
Simple to use, create custom guitar picks from old credit cards, gift cards, hotel room key cards, driver's licenses or any thin piece of plastic laying around the house.
This device is a must have if you are the type of guitarist who loves to show off custom made unique guitar picks... Or maybe if you have a history of losing your picks and never having one when you need it.

Our customers report that the best types of plastic cards to use with this device come from all sorts of things that you can find in your wallet. Old ID cards, gift cards (some come in a softer plastic). Some customers even report that plastic milk cartons make for a great light pick as well as CD's and detergent bottles.


Destroys evil credit cards (or any other plastic cards) and reuses them for a much great purpose, custom made guitar picks.
Make your own emergency guitar picks out of any plastic card in your wallet!